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Re: Crate urination & Defication Posted in Feb/07

I'm sorry things haven't worked out for your little one. Have you contacted a certified pet behaviorist? Possibly they can help you or give you more ideas on what to do and not to do. I would say you have to go back to the very basics of SA. Here's another link and it has all about severe SA at the bottom.

Personally I would contact a behaviorist, your vet can recommend one. If you decide on rescue, let me know where you are located and I'll send you some names. Please DO NOT send her to the shelter!!!!

I wish you the very best.

Re: Re: Crate urination & Defication Posted in Feb/07

Hi Patt. NEVER would I send her to a shelter. I did see Dr. Gary Landsburg and he suggested a head halti so I have more control over her and basic obedience which has already been done with her, but to no avail. She seems to have boundless energy that never burns off, no matter how much physical activity she gets. I have tried & tried again with her to get her comfortable with her crate and she will not go into it, she cowers as soon as she sees it and then once she is in it the howling & crying starts. This evening while at work, I came home to the satellite remote chewed! I live in the Campbellford Ontario area, can you give some names of rescures. Although I hate to do this and will miss her dearly I have am wondering if she needs a farm setting or a home in the country where she can run. I have also wondered if this is still her puppy stage and this is something that she will grow out of? ANy further suggestions would be great before I make a final decision.

Re: Re: Re: Crate urination & Defication Posted in Feb/07

I suppose it could still be puppyhood but I would think it would be getting a little better by now. I use a crate inside of an x-pen. I don’t know if that would be of help to you though. I’m kind of going through the same thing. A week ago I adopted a 4 year old from a puppy mill. He is very sweet but oh so destructive. My understanding he has lived all of his life in a cage... so sad!! He needs watching 24/7 b/c of his chewing. However, he is not full of energy, thank goodness. Actually he is very laid back. I do have another pup that I took in about 2 months ago, she was an owner surrender. She’s a 16 week old Boston Terrier that is FULL of energy but she eventually calms down with walks and playing. BT’s are very hyper dogs so she is going to need lots of work to keep a step ahead of her.

Have you thought about doggie day care for her? That would give you a break and maybe help her get rid of some of that excess energy she has.

This is a Canadian Rescue… Note, I have not had any personal dealings with them.

You might try asking your question on I believe there are a couple of trainers on that board.

There is also another board with a lot of trainers but the name escapes me now. It’s late and I will be away in the morning. When I find it I’ll post it for you.

Hang in there while I try to think of something more...

Have a great day!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Crate urination & Defication - Update w/another link

Here's that other website, I hope they can help you.