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Doxie Vomitting Bits of Blood

My miniature dachie has had a few vomitting spells and I have noticed that there are flecks of blood in the vomit. I called my vet and she advised to with hold his food for 24 hrs and give him water only. Anyone out there know anything about dachies vomitting blood and possible causes of this?

Re: Doxie Vomitting Bits of Blood

I'm sorry to hear your Doxie is having a vomiting problem. It could be something simple to something very serious. I would go with the withholding food for 24 hours. Possibly it's something he ate and will clear up on it's own. Here is a link that will give you lots of suggestions as to what can cause vomiting with bood. I hope it helps.

Sending positive thoughts he will be okay by tomorrow. If not don't hesitate to get him to your vets right away.