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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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Hi Pati and everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that our little girl is very sick. Last time I posted her stomach had blew up and vet did not know why, well now she has immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, we took her down to Atlanta Hospital where she spent all of last week having a blood transfusion, and getting poked and bone marrow biopsy and shots and more. Ruled out everything else. So now they have her on prednisone and cyclosporin to try and kill off the antibodies that are attacking her red blood cells. When she got to the hospital her red blood cell count was at 8. So now we are hoping that these meds will jump start her bone marrow to start producing red blood cells. $3,000 later and still lots more $$ to go, the cyclosporin cost over $300 per month, but we have her home with us, that is the most important thing. They might have to do another transfusion if her blood cells dont start reproducing.

We had adopted her from a small animal rescue in Atlanta in Dec for Christmas, and they gave her all the vaccines, the theory is that the parvirus is what did her in, and just a warning of precaution to everyone, be very careful with these vaccines. No more for either of my dogs, I refuse.

Please keep Holly in your prayers for her full recovery, right now we are just doing one day at a time.


Re: Holly

OMG Linda I am so sorry. Since I hadn't heard from you I thought she was doing fine. I'm glad she's in good hands and they are doing everything possible to help her. I will certainly keep Lucy in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that she will be able to regain her strength and be healthly again.

Lots of ((hugs)) for you, you are a wonderful Mommy and I'm glad you found each other. Please keep me posted.