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My Doxie

Since last wednesday, my dachshund seems to be coughing. It would happen only after eating and drinking. She would dry heave and then be okay. I took her to the vets yesterday and he said she is fine. No fever, eating fine, playing, stool okay, urine. Had blood tests the previous week,nasle spray for kennel cough. She is being spayed next week, and he said she is fine. He gave me antibiotics for her as a precaution. However, I did not know raw hide was bad for dogs and she likes chewing on them. Sometimes swallowing small pieces. I am wondering if one could be lodged in her throat..would the vet have detected this? What should I do? She eats fine and drinks fine now, no coughing after, but during day sometimes dry heaves like chocking..

Re: My Doxie


Thanks for taking her to the vet and getting the necessary exam etc. I would think the vet would have noticed if she had something stuck in her throat. I'm wondering if she could be "Reverse Sneezing". Doxies have this occasionally and it is nothing to worry about!!! Here are two links to view and see if it comes close to what your dog is experiencing. If not and the problem continues I would get a second opinion possibly from an internist.

I would skip the raw hides and do a Kong instead. You can stuff the Kongs with goodies, freeze, and they make wonderful chews. Keeps them occupied for awhile too.
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Here's a link on rawhide dangers..

Good luck and let me know how she's doing.

Re: Re: My Doxie

Thanks so much for the advice and help, I really appreciate it. I just called the vet again,(he is going to think I am crazy!)and he said that yes, something could be stuck but its not blocking her breathing, eating, etc. He said the antibiotics would help with that for any infection, etc and that her white blood cells would disolve anything lodged. He told me if she is still coughing next monday, while she is asleep he will take x-rays. I am a new to this, always had cats but now after getting my little Mika, I would not change a thing. I did not know how smart and loving (and stubborn!)Dachshunds were! haha!! My little doxie gets into everything, have to watch her carefully! No more little raw hide bones for her! I will check out the link you sent. Thanks again

Re: Re: Re: My Doxie

If it were me I would go ahead with the x-rays, then you would know for sure if something is stuck in her throat. Another suggestion, while she is under anesthesia I would have them trim her nails and if she needs a dental that would be a good time too. It's really best to have as much done so she doesn't have to be put under twice.

I highly recommend the book "Dachshunds for Dummies".

p.s. The vet is not going to think you are crazy, he knows you are just a concerned Doxie mom...