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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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Life Jackets

I adopted a doxie from a rescue group last year and he's been a wonderful dog overall. I go boating on the weekends during the summer and have been looking for a "life jacket" that fits a doxie that isn't too bulky. The problem I've run across is that with the short legs, most jackets make it almost impossible for Pepper to walk. I'm also concerned about overheating since he's a mini black longhair. Does anyone else take their doxie boating or swimming and can suggest a life jacket?

Re: Life Jackets

First, thank you for adopting a rescue Dachshund. I'm sure you will enjoy boating together.

The way these are cut, it looks okay for a Dachshund,av=2918-4576253

Looks like they are all similar, I didn’t check prices.

Feel free to join anyone of the boards I previously mentioned, I’m sure someone takes their Doxie boating. In fact the first one (Outward Hound) I listed is a recommendation from The Hot Dog Blog.

Good luck and happy boating.

Re: Re: Life Jackets

Thank you for the info, I will check them out.