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New adopted dachshund

Hi all,
About 1 month ago we adopted a 2 year old dachshund. We drove down to Atlanta to pick her up, we live in Western NC. When we first got her, her ribs were poking out the sides, had some other issues, had diarraha which they gave us medicine for, and then was throwing up. We took her to our own Vet and she checked out good. At that time she weighed in at 11 lbs. We figured she had be through alot and because of the diarraha and she seemed to be always starving we were giving her more to eat then our Chihuahua who was a pound or 2 over weight. She is all okay now, no more diarraha or throwing up. Now 2 weeks later and all of a sudden, seemed to happen overnight, now she is looking overweight and chihuahua is slimming down. All of a sudden her ribs are no longer showing. Our vet said she was perfect weight, even though her ribs were showing on both sides. So now we are cutting back on food, which is not even 1/4 cup a day of Purina One adult. We feed her around 6pm when we eat, in the morning she gets a couple of treats, 1 at lunch time and one around 10pm. They are assorted treats, I usually try to look for the lowest fat content to give them.
My question is should we just feed them dog food a little in the morning and then again at 6 (dinnertime). She is always starving out of her mind, no matter what time of the day. Immediately after she eats looking for more. We just get up to go from room to room and she comes a running.
We know how easy it is for them to become overweight, we had 2 previous dachshunds, and maintained their weight good until about the age of 10. So now hubby and I are arguing over when and what to feed her. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,Linda

Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Linda,
Congratulations and thank you for adopting a rescue Dachshund. They are the best!

If I’m reading your post right you said you are feeding your Doxie only ¼ cup of food per day? And that the Chi was losing weight and your Doxie is gaining?
Are you feeding them together and is it possible the Doxie is eating both food portions? If at all feasible please feed them separately, this way you know the exact amount each one is eating.

I personally like the ribs showing a bit but some people don’t. Does your Doxie have a waist? If your vet says she is okay then I definitely wouldn’t worry about it!!! Possibly you might want to change her food to more of a top grade type of food for better nutrition. I use Innova or Wellness brands. You can check out it lists top grade food.

I believe in feeding twice a day. My Doxie is a mini and weighs in at 11#. To maintain this weight this is the way I feed and it works well for her. I use a standard measuring cup. In the a.m. she is fed 1/3 maybe a little less of Innova kibble. I also add supplements in the a.m. feeding. In the p.m. she is fed the same amount of kibble (no supplements). If your dog appears to be hungry, I would add a few green beans (no salt added) and a tsp of 100% PURE pumpkin. Both of these add fiber and are “fillers”. For other treats I would use partially cooked carrots (raw is hard to digest)or other veggies. Don’t overdo on carrots they have a lot of sugar. You must also maintain a good exercise program. 30+ minutes (minimum) walks twice a day. Other times you can play ball with her.

You do have to remember Dachshunds always seem to be hungry. If you maintain a feeding schedule of twice a day like above (including the fillers etc) she should be just fine.

This is my own personal opinion, I hope it helped or at least gave you some suggestions.

Good Luck!

Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patti,

Thank you for your response and answers. We do feed them separately, in fact my husband and I each have to place the bowls down at the same time, because the Doxie will jump up and literaly grab the food out of the bowl in mid air and throw it all over the place. She is done in like 2 seconds!

Like I said when we first got her the first 2-3 weeks, had some problems, diarraha and throwing up, and they had given us medicine for her for the diarraha. Both of those have pretty much stopped, still throws up ocassionally, just out of no where. We have had her now 5 weeks and at 3 weeks we took her to our vet with stool sample to make sure no worms and have him check her out, she was clean and he told us at that time, she was perfect weight at 11.2 pounds with ribs showing on sides. We had gone off of the Purina senior food because we thought being she was 2 and always hungry should just go to the adult formula of Purina to help her through her problems. Vet also told us that because of being a stray for who knew how long, it might take a while for her stomach to settle down, he felt confident that she would calm down.

And then out of no where last week like overnight she swelled up in her stomach and the ribs are gone, it is like it happened over night. She does have a little stomach according to the pictures.

You mention green beans, would that be fresh cooked grean beans or in the can??? I did not realize carrots had so much sugar in them, WOW, I just looked at the bag, because they love them, and I thought it was good for them. I have been giving them cut up baby carrots raw.
What about adding water with the dog food, somebody told me that would help in slowing her down wolfing the food down so fast.
My husband wants to take to the vet again and maybe have blood tests to make sure everything is okay, because her stomach just feels like a mellon or should I say a basketball, very bloated with water.

Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund


I am sorry I didn't pick up on the severity of her swollen belly in your first post.

I would get an appointment with the vet ASAP. Have blood work and x-rays, there is something wrong. I assumed and I shouldn't have that this was already done. She is spayed isn't she? Hopefully the swollen belly is nothing serious but it could very well be. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Small amount of water would be okay in the food, I don't think that would slow her down though. You can also put in a couple or three large balls or rocks. I say large cause you don't want her to accidently swallow them. The balls will make her work around them for her food. Actually it would probably be better to feed her small amounts by hand. That way she has to slow down and eventually you could go back to the bowl. There is a bowl which I think is great but it is not in small size yet. They said they would have a small one this year.

Senior food is for dogs 7+ years. I would stick with a top quality food. Canned beans are easier but if you want to cook them that is fine, just don't over cook.

I'm going to e-mail b/c I am really concerned.

Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt and all,
Just wanted to let you know so far what we found out at the vet today with our Holly.

The swollen stomach is not fat al all but rather water. He has put her on lasix for the weekend and then back on Monday for blood tests and x-rays. Just because the Rescue told us she was spayed, he is not sure nor are they that this was done. The rescue said sometimes even though they detected a small scar, some breeders to cesareans and this might be the scar.

So the three things he will be looking at on Monday is:
Cushings Disease

and leaning towards Cushings Disease because of her constant desire for food, never full always starving.

We are really worried about her, because we have grown so attached to her, and she is such a loving and sweet dog. Vet said one thing in her favor is that she is only 2 so young. He doesn't think she is pregnant, but didn't rule out completely or maybe dead pups inside her.

I will keep you posted on Monday as we find out anything. He said some blood tests will be sent out and some in office, and x-rays in office but needed to get some of water off of her.


Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Thank you SO much for the update, I was beginning to get worried. I really didn't think it was "fat" but I didn't want to scare you. I wish the vet would have done blood work instead of waiting until Monday. Cushings Disease is usually in older dogs but I suppose it's possible at any age just not likely. All of the problems you mentioned are treatable so that’s good news!

Holly sounds like a wonderful girl and I love her name. She definitely has age on her side. I am thrilled you found each other.

If you haven’t discovered it already Lasix is going to make her urinate a lot, so be prepared. Holly has NO control over this. You might want to puchase housetraining pads for her. It is important to get rid of all that water.

What rescue did you get Holly from? I would contact them maybe you can work out a deal for a partial refund to help pay the vet bills.

I'll look forward to your update on Holly.

Have a great weekend amd take care!

Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt,

We started her on the lasix yesterday at 4pm and so far has had 3 of them, but not going anymore then normal which was always alot since we got her. She always goes twice when we take her out, like immediately. He told us no more then 2 pints of water every 12 hours and she did almost that the first 12 hours.

So far, no change in her stomach. Our vet really squeezed us in yesterday, they were booked solid, plus he wanted to see if could get some of the water off, wants to do x-rays &/or ultra-sound as well as a series of blood tests on Monday, which is why he wants us to leave her there for awhile.

We got her from Atlanta rescue & adoption. Our bosses live in Atlanta and are involved heavily in the charties for the rescues and they told us about the websites. Up here in NC you can only ever find big dogs. I did contact them yesterday, per our vet to see if they knew anything else about her background or history. But they didn't because people had turned her in after picking her up as a stray and had tried to find the owners for weeks. They did say to keep them posted on her, but doubt they will help with vet bills. But I might get the owners involved if it starts running into alot of money. The adoption fee was $250 which we all thought was alot, but a standard fee for down in atlanta.

She is a real sweetheart and we just want her to be well and happy.

I will keep you posted on MOnday, and thanks for all your help and concern.


Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Perhaps it will take a little longer for the pills to start working. It's hard to believe how much water that little girl drinks. She'll be in good hands at the vet, it does take a while to run those tests.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Holly and you.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt & all,

Just wanted to fill you in about Holly. Vet did extensive blood tests today and sending out overnight and should have back by tomorrow. He also did 2 x-rays, one of heart area and abdomen. The heart is enlarged into the 4th rib cage, normal is within the 3rd rib cage, plus she has alot of fluid around the lungs. The x-ray on the abdomen showed so much fluid that he could barely see her internal organs. He is so concerned at this point because of the both of them and heart disease should make her so weak and no appetite, she is lethargic, but her appetite has never left her, still always starving and because of her young age.

He said if blood work comes back good, then he will consult with specialist to see what he is missing. So I will post again tomorrow of when we have the news of the blood work.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, that it is maybe the Hypothyroidism and can be treated.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the update. I am so sorry it wasn’t better results. I suppose you can have heart trouble at any age but she does seem young for that. Possibly it’s a birth defect. Does she have any of the following; coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing? Be sure to watch her gums, they should be pink, if they start turning a lighter color or white, you need to call your vet immediately.

Thyroid & heart conditions are treatable. It’s also a good idea to get a second opinion from a specialist. Here’s a couple of links I found that may or may not be helpful.

Fingers and paws crossed and I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers for Holly. Big (((hugs))) for you.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt,

No she is not coughing, shortness of breath of problems breathing, which is what stumped the vet, but she is pretty much lethargic these last two weeks. He said if blood tests all came back good, he would call his cardiologist and specialists to help him figure out something. We are in a small town in Western NC(Brevard), so he is limited, but deals with Raleigh, NC for all the specialists. Plus the owners in Atlanta have special big vet hospitals.

Thanks for the links I will check them out, and let you know as soon as we hear something.

Thanks also for the prayers and paw crossing!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Your welcome!

Sounds like your vet is on the ball. I'll be waiting for the update.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt and all,
Just wanted to update you on Holly. The blood tests are still not back in, I talked to the vet this morning. We had a snowstorm here this morning and got 6 inches of snow. He said he had gone over to Raleigh yesterday to take a sick cat and checked in with them and they said they were so swamped but would try and hurry them along.

Good news is Holly has lost all of her abdomen fluid! She is back to normal size for now, but we are out of the lasix and think that is what did it, but not sure. On Tuesday after the vet on Monday, she slept all day, barely moved except to eat and pee, and then yesterday we noticed the fluid coming off and more pep and today she was out playing in the snow and having a blast. Mon & Tues she was doing this thing after she ate, where she would throw her head up in the air and back like something stuck in throat, and vet said that is a small trach thing, but then yesterday and today she has not done it. Also biting crazy at her back side near backend, so now thinking maybe something is trying to pass, just don't know at this point. Even vet agreed could be possible.

We are heading down that way tomorrow and will stop at the vet and talk with him and probably get more lasix in case she starts blowing up again and if blood work is back. But I think I read somewhere that bloodwork will not show heart problems if that is what truely was causing it.

At this point just so happy that she is back to normal, even was playing with toys today and we have a nickname for her "Holly Honker" because she makes this little honking noise when you play with her and so funny and she was doing that today.

So, again will keep you posted as we find out.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the update on Holly Honker. LOL I was really starting to get worried but then no news is good news as they use to say.

I’m happy to hear the fluid has gone down in her belly. It’s great the Lasix finally kicked in. As for biting her hind quarters sounds like she might have a flea. Please do not take offense, she has been out and about and may have picked up a stray one. Fleas love to go to the rear b/c most times the dog can’t reach ‘em. Do you have Advantage? You might apply that and see if it helps. Even if you don’t see the flea I would still apply it, unless your vet says no.

To diagnose heart problems you need an ultrasound. Dogs with mild to moderate heart problems typically experience coughing, lethargy, not interested in eating and difficulty breathing. When my Bichon started having heart problems the first sign I noticed was coughing in the morning when she got up. She didn’t have any of the other signs until later. I think you mentioned before that the vet didn’t think it was her heart. She is young but I guess it could happen at any age.

For the honking noise it sounds like “reverse sneezing” and nothing to worry about!!! Here’s a couple of links to check it out. Doxie’s are prone to this.

Anyways I’m pleased to hear Holly is back to normal and enjoying her life with you. She really is a cutie.

Take care!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt,

Talked again with the vet in person today, and he still is really bewildered by this all. He did not hear anything abnormal in her heart and her symptoms were not that of a dog with heart problems. She never coughed, panted nor did she ever loose her appetite, but she was very, very letharic during it all.

She doesn't honk all the time, it is more when we play with her, kind of like a moan but really funny. Anyway, today, her abdomen is back to the size when we got her, so the vet said we will just leave it alone, he didn't get the blood work back yet, and he said at the first sign if she starts to blow up again, he wants her down at his office.

As far as the biting, we have combed her and combed her and nothing on her. We have our house sprayed every three months and it has been freezing cold up here, so not sure, but it is only once in a while that she does this.

I'll let you know as soon as we hear anything else.

Thanks and take care,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the update. It’s too bad that your vet can’t figure out what’s wrong with Holly. I think if it were me I would get a second opinion. Or maybe all this will be “just a one time thing” and you’ll never know why. It’s good to hear she doesn’t have a heart problem. I’m happy Holly’s little body is staying normal. As for the blood tests, you’ve got to wonder where he sent them since they’re not all back. LOL

Yeah, when I first heard my dogs honk, it was weird, but it’s quite common in Doxies. Trixie doesn’t honk but she has an unusual cough every once in a while.

The flea bit was just a thought. Another idea is she has a little sharp shooting pain that hits her every once in a while. Too bad they can't talk to explain what the problem is.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Patt & All,

Well, good news, Holly's blood tests finally came back and all is good, no problems what so ever. Our vet took Blood work and x-rays to a specialist in Raleigh to discuss everything, and the specialist said that she had two other cases almost just like Holly's and same thing happened, bloating went down and back to normal, and they never did figure out what happened, nor did it ever happen again.

They both suggested at this time, because she is fine to leave it alone. If at some point this should happen again, then would have to go into extensive testing into the liver, heart and abdomen & stomach, which would cost alot of money.

So as long as Holly is good, which she is, we are going to let it alone.

Thanks and sorry for taking so long to come back on and let you know, I have a mound of paperwork on my desk.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi Linda,

That is super news about Holly. I'm happy to hear she is doing well. It‘s sad but sometimes you never do know what causes an illness. This can happen to people too.

ITA with the vets... and I love the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. With any luck this will just be a one time thing. Cross fingers.

I wish your family the best. I’m so glad ya’ll found each other.

Take care,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New adopted dachshund

Hi everyone,

Well, I am sorry to say, I am back and tonight for the first time Holly had a seizure. It was not a bad one, but definetly a seizure. I had just taken both dogs out and Holly did both of her things outside, came in, and went to get their treats for the night, and looked over and Holly was in the hallway, laying down on her side with legs stretched out and shaking and I went over to her, called my husband, and she was pooping at the same time. I am calling the vet first thing in the morning.

She has really not been herself the last few weeks, very lazy, doesn't really want to walk, tires very easily, and really not playful at all. I am thinking it is Hypothyroidism, which the vet had mentioned when her stomach blew up, but thought he had tested her for that. But obviously something is wrong now.

I will keep yo posted.