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11 day old puppy questions

My minature dachshund had 5 puppies 11 days ago. I have 2 questions. Their eyes are not opened yet I have read conflicting info on if they should be also the mother who was super great at first now has to be made to stay with them she is nursing some but hard to tell how much I work 3rd shift. Puppies seem to be content no whining ,moving around lots, bellies plump . We have them in a bathroom in their box but last 2 days the mom has cried and cried if we do not let her out then we have to make her go back. We have 2 other adult male minature dachshunds. Also she is a very social dog had the first puppy on my daughter's lap on the living room couch.

Re: 11 day old puppy questions

I would say 7-14 days for opening of the pups eyes. You really need to keep a close eye on the pups to make sure they are all getting the right amount of milk at each feeding. Maybe the mom just needs a little time away from the pups or possibly there is something wrong and she is trying to abandon them.

If you haven't had the pups and mom examined by your vet, I would suggest doing so as soon as possible. JMHO

Re: 11 day old puppy questions

Update ! All puppies opened their eyes yesterday ! Mom feeds them lots at night I noticed having the last 2 days off. I wish I could take them to the vet that was the plan but due to a very rough month I have no money until the 3rd when my husband's disabilty comes in. One more question if I may when can I introduce the puppies to the other 2 dachshunds in the house? One is the father the other is not. All are very good dogs.

Re: Re: 11 day old puppy questions

I'm glad to hear they are all doing fine and their eyes finally opened.

I'm curious was this an accidental breeding?
What is the temperment of the other dogs? Do all three adults get along well. Have the males tried to get in to see the pups? How old is everyone?

Since the puppies are so young I wouldn't attempt any introducing at least for awhile. Then maybe you can start gradually.

Re: Re: Re: 11 day old puppy questions

The male she breeded with was suppose to be nuetered we had only had him about a month he was rescued. we had sent the other male away and we had left and got stuck out of town and whne we got back they were stuck:)
They all get along well the female Miss California will be 2 in March
The father age is unknown looks less than a year.
The other one was year in July.
She was not suppose to get pregnant this time cause she had Parvo about 15 months ago we were waiting one more cycle we thought.
They try and get in the room they are in.
We have promised all of the puppies except one we are keeping one. I duuno how this happened we use to own Great Danes now we have gone in the other direction. my daughetr got Cali last year when she got her first job .Then our Great Dane died and he was Cali's best pal so we got another Dachshud has her companion.Then my other daughter rescues this one from death they both move out one to college one to boyfriend and neither can have pets.I am glad we have 3 spare rooms and 3 acres of land

Re: Re: Re: Re: 11 day old puppy questions

Well it looks like you have your hands full with all the dogs being young. You’re lucky to have 3 bedrooms so you can separate them.

My suggestion would be to have the males neutered right away, do not delay as Cali can get pregnant again very soon. I would also have Cali spayed as soon as she weans her pups. That way you won’t have to deal with a repeat pregnancy, as you have found out accidents do happen.

I wouldn’t introduce the pups until they are at least 6 weeks old and NEVER, NEVER leave them alone with the males. I don’t know if Cali would appreciate the males being with her pups and one of the dogs might kill them. Maybe later you can introduce them slowly, having someone holding the males by collars and leashes, you need another person besides yourself for safety. It would just take one snap and it would be over. A lady on another board tried to introduce another dog to pups about the age of yours. The dog took a huge bite out of the back of one and it had to have stitches.

Good luck!