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Re: how much food?

What kind of food are you feeding? Why are you feeding weight control? Sometimes if you are feed top quality you don’t have to feed very much. I think ¼ of a cup (2x) is NOT enough for a tweenie but you would have to go by how your dog looks. JMHO!! Check the charts below to see if she is too thin or overweight.

I feed my mini who is 10.8# 1/3 cup twice daily. She also gets “fillers” which are non fattening but makes her think she has had a big meal. I must add I do watch her waistline like a hawk. If she puts on weight I change the amount of food.


Re: Re: how much food?

Sophie gets Iams weight control kibble because she was so fat she looked like a little sausage dog!

Re: how much food?

I looked at the charts...thank you! I'll see what more food does to her. I do give her rawhide chewies which she loves, and treats in between meals when I just can't stand her begging little eyes.

Re: Re: how much food?

First; be sure you feed only a high quality pet food, because you don’t want your dog to be on a weight management food for the rest of her life. Also, you might try adding small portions of "fillers" to the food, one or two at time. Some of the better fillers are green beans (no salt), baby carrots cut and partially cooked, non-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt or 100% PURE pumpkin. When you are feeding diet foods, be sure you also add a complete vitamin supplement to assure a proper balance of nutrients.

I feed Trixie the Wellness brand and if I see she is putting on a little weight, I mix a little OM (Purina's Overweight Management) kibble. You just have to watch her weight and adjust her food accordingly, until you get the right combo.

Be sure to supervise her when she is chewing on rawhides, because she might choke on the small remnants. Also make sure they are made in USA.

Keep in mind I’m not a vet or nutritional expert. I’m just passing on some of the” tricks of the trade” that have worked for me and my pets. So consider the above merely my humble opinion. If in doubt, please consult your own vet or medical professional. End of disclaimer. LOL

Re: Re: Re: how much food?

thank you for your suggestions. They are truly appreciated.

Re: how much food?

I have increased the food and my little Sophie is actually energetic throughout the day. I feel bad for starving her all this time!!