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Bordatella vaccination

Could someone tell me how often a Bordatella
vaccination is recommended?? With my previous
girl I went to a different vet. He gave the
shot every six months. Just got a shot from
a different clinic and the reminder is for a
year. Thanks, Karen

Re: Bordatella vaccination

Hi Karen, you didn't say how old your dog is so my reply is referring to an adult dog.

My vet recommends a yearly Bordetella. I believe if your dog is a high risk then she should be vaccinated every 6 months. High risk meaning, attends dog shows, travels frequently, boards at a kennel or is frequently with a lot of different dogs, such as dog parks.

There are many strains of Bordetella so this will not guarantee her never catching it. It will of course reduce the severity of the disease if she should become infected. Remember no vaccine is 100% guaranteed.

My dog is 5 years old and is a low risk. She is NOT vaccinated for Bordetella, Corona or Lepto. Definitely not Lepto this vaccine could be fatal to small dogs. Actually I don’t do the usual yearly vaccines either, I do titers instead. Rabies is the only vaccine she receives (every 3 years), because of CA state law.

Your vet will make recommendations on different vaccines that your dog needs for your area. Be informed though, because you make the final decision.

Good luck!