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Catching - any experience

I have a 4 year old black and tan standard. He loves to play and will chase and bring back a ball for hours. But he has absolutely no instinct for catching. He can't even catch a piece of meat when it is taossed at him. he just shuts his eyes and then picks it up. He is the best dog I have ever had And I have had dogs all my life (64) but I have never had a dog who can't catch. Is this normal for dachshunds? He seems to have excellent eyes sight and there seems to be no other problem.


Re: Catching - any experience

Dear Gerry,

Do not worry. I have three dachsies here in Peru. Sometimes, two of them do the same just because they do not want to catch inspite they can. One of my boys is very difficult to eat, we have to pamper him during hours before he could eat anything; but on the other side he plays the ball and eat all kind of non edible things. Those are dachsies!!! Very stubborn but adorable!! They are made to be loved the way they are.



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