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Dolly's sick

I have an 11 month old doll that began vomiting. Not much still energetic and alert. After a couple of days took her to the vet. Did a complete blood work up - everything normal. Took Xray and vet said that it appeared Dolly had swallowed something like the stuffing from a toy or bedding. He prescribed Laxatone (like for hair balls in cats) and and antibiotic. She quit vomiting for a couple of days, then started again. Took her back to the vet with stool samples (he said it looked like fiber glass fibers which fit with the Xray) and after another day when she became lethargic and vomiting profusely, he did exploratory surgery. Found nothing. Said her pancreas was enlarged and put her on a IV. It's been 2 weeks since surgery. She's on sensitive stomach canned food and has finished another round of antibiotic. She's still vomiting - some days very little some days quite a bit. She still seems energetic. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I dealing with pancreatitis? Change food? Anything! She's too sweet to lose.

Re: Dolly's sick

OMG I am so sorry. The only thing I would suggest would be to get copies of all the records including x-rays, bloodwork etc and get a second opinion perhaps from an internist. Are you near a teaching hospital? That would be the ideal because they usually are way ahead of the regular vets and maybe can run different tests and get to the bottom of the problem. I'm not a vet but I would think she would be showing more improvement by now. I wouldn't wait around, do it ASAP.

Sending many positive thoughts and prayers for the both of you. Please keep me updated.

Are you in CA., U.C. Davis is wonderful.

Re: Dolly's sick

I am near Texas A & M and I'm checking into that. Right now, I'm giving her pedialite. The IVs have seemed to have resulted in no vomiting for a few days so I'm trying to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated. She has plenty of energy and seems to be fine in the AM and gets sick in the evening. Can I have a bulemic dachsund?

Re: Re: Dolly's sick

Can I have a bulemic dachsund? Probably not, but I guess anything is possible.

I'm sure you are doing everything possible, I hope you get answers from TX A&M. Just a thought.... Do you suppose it could be the after affects from her surgery, you know until her little body heals completely. I know kind of off the wall. It is strange that she keeps everything down until the evenings. Maybe you do something different at that time... Different food? maybe too much at one time? Note, not saying you do I was just thinking of different things.

Maybe you can get her in tomorrow, I would tell them it's high priority and you don't want to lose her.

Good luck!!