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Re: Re: abused doxies

Thanks for all the advice. We saw our vet on Wednesday and Thursday morning our Molly went to surgery. She had 30 stones and 2 spoonfuls of gravel in her bladder. There was also scarring that told him she has had this surgery at least once before. He is sure that she was not physically able to control her urges. Potty training is going very well now that she is not in so much pain. I know I will never get an answer but I sure would like to know why some people think it is okay to treat doxies abusively. My heart ached but my determination is to have Molly live out the rest of her life pain free.

Re: Re: Re: abused doxies

OMGoodness surgery? Poor girl. So glad you (and the vet) found the problem. That is amazing 30 stones plus gravel in that little tiny bladder. No wonder she was in pain. I'm glad she is doing fine and I'm sending lots of positive thoughts that she will have a speedy recovery. ((hugs)) to both of you.

I'm sure Molly will have a healthy, happy life with you as her mom.