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Separation anxiety

We've tried Clomicalm with no visible
results. Casey shredded 2 miniblinds in
the motor home when left alone for a couple
of hours. Haven't been able to crate her
because she tries to chew out and we're
afraid she'll hurt her mouth or teeth. Any
suggestions of a crate that has bars or doors
small enough not to get hung up on??

She's a year old and does pretty well left
alone in the house with a Kong. This has
been an ongoing problem since we adoped her
at 7mos old. Only solution so far is that
one of us stays with her except for church
on Sunday. Thanks for any help.

Re: Separation anxiety

Hi Karen,

This came up not too long ago. So do a "search" on this site. Type in Separation Anxiety probs and a couple of posts should come up dated June 2006. Hopefully they will give you some ideas.

I also have more info written by a knowledgeable lady that has gone through this with 2 dogs and of course is still working on it but they are doing well. I will send this to you via e-mail. A couple of other suggestions would be to sign up for an obedience class. Also contact a certified pet behaviorist. You really need help to correct this problem. You might be unknowingly enforcing this behavior instead of correcting it.

Let me know if you are unable to make the search work.

Good luck!!

Re: Separation anxiety CRATES

Sorry I forgot to address the crating problem.

I don't crate but here is a good site for you to check out how to crate training.

You can do a search on Google to come up with many ways to crate train.

Here are pics of wire crates that are available some of my friends have used them and the dogs really like them rather than the usual Vari Kennel crate.

Thank you for adopting Casey!!!!!