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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of neutering my dog?

Re: Neutering

OMGoodness I thought he was neutered. No wonder he likes to growl.

Advantages: Having him neutered will help with his bad manners. I suggest doing this as soon as possible. Usually they are calmer, don’t want to mount things, and he should stop marking, but that’s not 100% guaranteed. He won’t have interest in roaming to look for females and NO unwanted puppies!! It should stop him being aggressive to other males dogs. I did adopt an intact male that was 10 years old he marked everything twice! When I had him neutered he never marked or raised his leg again. I was lucky!!

Advantages: On the health side of neutering… One of the most important concerns is the possibility of an enlarged prostrate gland (over the years). It helps prevent cancer, infections, certain types of hernias and tumors of the ********* and anus. If he has a preputial discharge that should be reduced by neutering.

Please have Homer get a full exam at your vets including blood work and talk over all your concerns with your vet. Please make an appointment for neutering soon. You both will be much happier.

Also Homer should be on Heartworm Prevention pills. This pill is given once a month to prevent heartworms.

In my opinion, there are no disadvantages

BTW what are you feeding him? To select top of the line foods please visit Be very careful not to get him overweight as this might bring on back problems that Dachshunds are susceptible too.

Re: Re: Neutering

Wow, the censor blocked out a medical word for a body part. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

Too funny.....