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Toy's for Doxies

What are some good toys for doxies? I have found a squeaky bone, a stuffed toy with a squeak in it and a tug rope, and my doxie doesn't seem to be interested in any of these things? Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Toy's for Doxies

How about a Kong a Buster Cube or a ball to retrieve? They also have toys that record your voice, so when it's moved they hear you talking. My Doxie isn't interested in any toys except her 'stuffed' Kong when we leave for errands. Be sure not to get anything that she or he can tear apart and swallow. Always supervise when you give toys.

I occasionally give C.E.T. Chews. You can purchase these from your vet they is suppose to be good to help keep their teeth clean. But than again only give them when you are present.

DO NOT give her/him Greenies!!!! They can cause a blockage. JMHO

Re: Re: Toy's for Doxies

Thank you for the heads up about the "greenies" And the toys...