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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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can a dachshund be an outside pet???

Hi, I have a dachshund puppy on the way (Frankie, short for Frankfurter). Actually he's not born yet, but I'm hoping to have him by Christmas. My husband doesn't want an inside dog, so I was wondering if these dogs do well outside? I would have a bed and house for him on our porch. Will he be ok?

Re: can a dachshund be an outside pet???

NO!!!!!!!!! "Frankie" will not be okay outside!

Dachshunds do NOT do well outside! As you may already know, doxies are small dogs with short legs and long backs and unique temperments. For the most part they have short hair and thus do not make good outside dogs. Because of their penchent for back problems, they should not be left alone in areas where there are stairs or platforms (porches) they could be injured on. It is my opinion, as well as that of many others, leaving this type of dog alone and outside constitutes cruel and inhumane treatment. Doxies, especially the smaller ones, need to be inside with their guardians who not only understand their limitations, but enjoy their companionship.

Please reconsider in getting any dog!!!!