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Medication for Long Car Rides?

Has anyone heard of medication you can give your dog for long car rides to help them relax? We will be making several five hour car rides and my mini doxie whines when we get in the car. We have tried taking car rides to fun places but he has always been nervous in the car and I have considered asking the vet about this medication I have heard about but I am nervous about it. We will be making the car rides about every 6 weeks over the weekend (one trip each way). I know he will eventually get used to it but five hours is a long time to listen to your baby whine! Thanks for any advice or experiences you have had.


Re: Medication for Long Car Rides?

Have you tried sitting quietly in the car and not going anywhere? This method takes about a week, I have done this with a dog that hated getting in the car, after trying this one out we couldn't keep her out of the car. LOL Here is a link that explains it well. I would do this gradually, and don't rush it.

Or I would ask your vet for a mild tranquilizer. I have used Acepromazine in the past and it worked out fine. If you wish to try the holistic way, try "Rescue Remedy". I have never used RR but some think it is very good.

Good Luck and have a nice time!!

Re: Medication for Long Car Rides?

For car-sickness, we give our 15 pound dogs:
1/4 tablet Dramamine or generic motion sickness tablets 50 mg tablet(dimenhydrinate/antiemetic)
12.5 mg of medication.
Cream cheese is a great way to encourage the dog to ingest the imbedded medication.
For 30-40 pound dogs: 1/2 tablet
An easy way to cut the tablets:
Sharp paring knife or single edged razor blade