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Re: Doggie body odor...HELP!!!

Personally, I would suspect something more serious than "body odor". I would check to see if her teeth were bad, first of all. Decaying teeth can be very smelly. Ear infections can also have a very bad smell.
A trip to the vet to determine the root of the odor is definitely in order...

Re: Doggie body odor...HELP!!!

Along with the suggestions of the other poster it could also be her anal glands, they may need expressing. Definitely a vet visit is in order and the sooner the better. If it is teeth, ears or anal glands they will NOT get better on their own.

Please see a vet as soon as possible.

Re: Re: Doggie body odor...HELP!!!

My Doxie also has a full-body odor, not just her mouth, or rear, or ears. Again, HELP!!!