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Exited weiner

I have two Dachshunds, The Unsinkable Molly Brown and Snuggle Bugs Macenzie. Snuggles,whom I often refer to as Pooper Babs Peebody, because she like to poop and she looks like Barbra Streisand and the last part , the Peebody part is what I need help with. I know all weiners kinda look like Babs and they all poop and pee, but when my little Bugs get exited, if anyone visits or I start baby talking her, she pees on herself. She is as cute as a button and everyone wants to grab her up and hug her, but then I have to tell them to put her down or they will get peed on. It happens every time. So needless to say, once folks get accustomed to this, they don't give poor little Pooper any attention. She won't do this after she has warmed up to the new company unless she gets too exited. She is paper trained and she gets plenty of outside time. I know she can't help it and the Vet said that she would grow out of it. She is almost three years old. Has anyone else had this problem with a weenie? Thanks.


Re: Exited weiner

I adopted a 5 year old that had submissive urination problem that's why they got rid of her. With patience, training and love she will be able to overcome it, ours did after several months. Please DO NOT EVER scold her, this will make matters worse. Here is a site that will help you help her overcome the problem. Good Luck!

Re: Re: Exited weiner

That's great. I couldn't find anything on the subject. This gives us hope. She's too cute to scold. I feel bad for her when she does it because she gets embarassed. It's sad you can tell that she knows what she has done. I wonder if abuse has caused this, I am her third owner that I know of. She is a beautiful longhair AKC pedigree that was originaly owned by my cousin who sold her to someone, then somehow she ended up in the pound, probably because of her problem, then my brother rescued her and gave her to me. She usualy only does this when company arrives but sometimes when I pick her up she will do it. Thanks for the link.


Re: Re: Re: Exited weiner

I know our little Penny had quite a time but eventually she did 'grow' out of it. Once in a while she would make a mistake but we loved her so much it didn't matter. It could be her previous life but those days are long gone and she is in a loving forever home now with you. If you have time please visit the Dachsie site I'm a member of I'm sure you would enjoy it.
Hope to see you there.

Re: Re: Re: Exited weiner

I just posted regarding our Baxter who has the "happy peeing" problem. We have to tell everyone who comes to the house not to talk to him. It is a serious problem and we are almost ready to get rid of him. He is eight months old and is housebroken but this submissive peeing thing is ruining our carpeting. We have had the carpets cleaned three times since March!!! I am going to check out the web site that was referred to and hope we can train him out of this. I don't want to get rid of my weiner....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Exited weiner

I am with you guys on this, my girl Penny is 5 months old and I have to clean up a daily puddle, sometime I have to change clothes if she is really happy to see me. It is very frustrating, especially when company comes to visit...makes me feel like a mean mom to tell people not to talk to must be a daschund trait, because everyone I know has the exact same problem!