Adult Children of Mentally ill Parents

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Adult Children of Mentally ill Parents
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accused of molesting my child by delusional mentally ill

my mom has just been diagnosed with a mental illness, im just learning how to deal with it in a different way. Before i would take her delusions accusations and verbal abuse personally and would fight fire with fire with her. Say awful things back. Now that i am understanding more about her condition i have not engaged or participated in her delusions. Ive begun to recognize the warning signs when she is starting to fall into one of her episodes. However i live with her and my 5 year old son and her recent episode she accused me of molesting my child, that i was letting others molest my child and she had video to prove it. She interrogated my child, and threanted that she would do anything to protect him including removing him from my custody. In the course of dealing with this illness i learned that if you can not resolve the situation and you start to see it escalate that sometimes you must call the police to mediate so i did. I told them that my mother accused me of letting others molest my son and that if she had video evidence that i think she should immediately report it to the police. She told the officer that she was going to handle the situation in her own way. most of her threat hold no value and is mostly talk. i am concerned for my sons physical and mental well being now that my mother is involving him in her delusions. I am on a limited income and need to save money to remove myself from her. but how do i deal with such harmful serious delusional accusations towards me and my son. how do i tell her to leave me alone nicely, ignoring just enrages her... I need help this is not fair to my son and can imagine how confusing it is to him...what boundaries can you set to someone that you live within feet of and what do i do if she like usual doesnt really care about what i think or feel to respect my boundaries. I am moving but financially its going to take me a couple months so i need a temporary solution to carry me until then. I dont have family to stay with and my last resort is a homeless shelter which in my town is no place for a single mother with a 5 year old child...i hope someone out there can help me...