Adult Children of Mentally ill Parents

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Adult Children of Mentally ill Parents
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Need Support

I'm very glad I found this forum. After I dealt with many of the issues of growing up with a mentally ill mother and abusive father, I'm only now facing how truly bad it was. I've just started therapy and am finding that connecting with others like me--with paranoid or otherwise ill parents--might be a huge help, as this is scary stuff to face. My sister is very ill, too, though she functions well enough to hold a job.

Any comments welcome. Thanks for this group.

Re: Need Support

Hey Janie,
I too am just coming to grips with how very bad things have been with my mother's illness. I have an older brother who has had to deal with it with me but he has turned to drugs as an escape. It was just today that a switch flipped in my head and may me realize how unreal my situation has been. Has therapy help you? I have thought but starting but always get so caught up in my schedule it seems impossible. I'm trying to start my own life but can't seem to escape my family's issues.

Re: Need Support

Hi there-Thank you for the reply. (Apologies for my late one). Yes, therapy is helping! The woman I'm seeing seems very insightful. She's trained in understanding such problems, so she can offer help that friends can't. I really don't want to talk much about these issues with friends, either. They wouldn't necessarily understand, anyway.

This group is wonderful. I've been reading the posts and am so glad to hear other stories--well--glad that none of us are alone and can encourage and help each other on this road. One thing I believe--life can get better. I hope you find time for whatever you must do to take care of yourself. I know it can be challenging.