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For The Best Boxer, for a True Champion, for a Veritable Patriot, for the Perfect, Magical, Gorgeous

For The Best Boxer, for a True Champion, for a Veritable Patriot, for the Perfect, Magical, Gorgeous, the One and Only Lucian Bute:

Dear Luci,

First, please forgive me for being too informal and addressing you by your first name. Them, please allow me to congratulate you from all my heart: Way to go! Bravo! You truly and totally made us so very proud to be Romanians, you gave us hope, you made us cry with happiness. You are for sure a model to follow for all of us, adults or kids. You are a model for the young generations and I know that many Romanian kids now wish to be professional boxers same way years ago, thanks to another amazing champion, Nadia Comaneci, many wanted to become gymnasts. I follow your games even if your boxing games are the only ones I watch. I am so amazed by all your qualities. You are an incredible person and I would like to congratulate all your family, especially your mother, for bringing you up properly, for raising you the right way. I do not think there is anything at all anyone could ever reproach you, from your professional to your personal life. The woman that will be so lucky to be your wife will have by her side a marvelous being, a true and most generous champion who has never forgotten where he comes from, who is always supportive of all those close to him and those less fortunate, a true gentleman, a charismatic, kind man, fabulous, gorgeous, the most handsome athlete and a man of immense sense and sensibility, someone with a golden heart, good values and caring manners..

Forever, a dedicated and most loyal fan, so very proud of you and touched by everything you are, everything you stand for and everything you do,

Dr. Cristina Emanuela Dascălu, PhD

Country: Romania; USA