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WANTED: AT40 Theme Jingles (1970-95)

I'd like to know where (and if) it's possible for me to get clean, complete copies of AT40's theme jingles for the 1970-85 period. ("Clean" means no talking, applause, or volume shifts.)

Of interest primarily are the following four items of each theme package:

*opening theme

---Never heard (on the show) in its completion, since it faded out into the start of the show. The 1978 opening theme was also used as the closing theme for a time. New theme package introduced very early in 1984; about a year later, the intro to the opening theme changed from a synth open to a horn intro similar to the corresponding closing theme intro. The years 1987, 1989, and 1993 also saw new theme packages.

(As I seem to remember, on one Shadoe show using the 1987 theme, he talked so long that the theme ran out!)

*hour-closing jingle

Usually about a minute long. The early-1978 jingle was a short synth piece with a fade-out ending. The early 80's hour closer had a disco sound. IMO, the best overall was the 1984-87 hour-close, a highly upbeat guitar-and-horns piece, with light electric piano in the background. The 1987 theme change introduced a lengthy 90-second hour-ender, complete with a false ending. (Some stations edited out the second part to air commercials.)

*hour-opening jingle

---Used to start each hour. Never heard in its completion, AFAIK. Played whenever Casey plugged the "New stations in the AT40 Family." On cassette, I have a 1984-87 hour open (taped off air), in which Casey plugs *seven* new stations. The 1987 hour opening is exactly identical to the matching hour close, except for a synth melody tacked on to the beginning.

*closing theme

---As mentioned before, in 1978 the opening theme was used as the closing theme as well. In 1980, a completely different closer was used, with a very disco-ey sound. About early 1982, the closing theme was modified slightly with the addition of a sax/piano solo.

The 1984 package had the ABSOLUTE BEST closing theme, especially with its horn ending. The 1987 version was the same as the opening theme.

(Worth noting: when KKFR Phoenix played the 1986 year-end show on New Year's Eve, the final horn note sounded at *exactly* midnight!--at least according to the clock in my room.)