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parental opposition?

Did any of you ever have to deal with parental opposition to your listening to the countdown, or just listening to top 40 radio in general, when you were growing up? My parents, especially my mother, did! She thought I was being "antisocial" by spending too much time in my bedroom listening to music when I was a teenager. Of course, we didn't have the internet back then! She just didn't get it! (And she didn't like it when AT 40 expanded to four hours in the late '70s, but it seemed like the real reason for that is so that they could sell more commercial time, particularly national spots.) I didn't have many friends, I was not popular in school, I had acne, and I certainly was not any good at sports! I hated P.E. in school (except for the cute student assistant in the high-cut leotards during gymnastics class, but that is another subject ). I guess you could say I was a geek. I wanted to "do radio" when I grew up!

Maybe I should sue my parents for "parental malpractice." I see that this guy who wrote this book on AT 40 (on this website) listened to AT 40 every weekend back in the '70s just like I used to, and now he is probably making a lot of money on the sales of that book!