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Michael Buble'

I knew the very first time I heard his voice he was going to be "BIG". Not only can he sing the classic's with a voice that sound's like silk, but now the very song he wrote himself is " #1 " that's wonderful. Now if we can just get some of the radio stations to start playing some of the other song's he's re-done, like "Summerwind", "Come Fly with Me", "You and I", "Quando, Quando, Quando, (a duet w/ Nelly Furtado),"For Once In My Life", "That's All", & "Sway" really kick's it up a notch! So please start playing other song's off the CD's, so "We", as a family can listen to the radio together again, and not say "He didn'd just say what I think he said, did he?" Michael Buble' is making beautiful music today and we need to get it out there more and now! I've been to 3 of his show's now, and beleive me there's alot of young people, maybe 75%, I'm one of them! So please play more off the CD's, because we're going out and buying them just so wo can listen to "him"! A Michigan Fan!