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at 40 flashback

Hi there everyone this is a very cool site by the way !
im not sure how often the site is checked or updated
but i have a question i was listening to the nina blackwood absolutely 80s program this past weekend and i heard a promo spot for AT40 flashback with casey kasem airing saturdays from 6-10 am on mix 107.7 dayton ohio. so is the show back on the air one could assume i suppose...the website says nothing about this show by the way.

anyway keep up the good work

Re: at 40 flashback

Sorry that was 7-10 am saturdays and its streamed online at

Re: at 40 flashback

Also, it's repeats from the Flashback series (2001 and 2002). The station uses both years intermittently. For instance, this week, they ran the show from April 23, 1983, which was aired as a Flashback in 2001. Last week, they ran the show from April 24, 1982. That was a Flashback show in 2002.

And it seems that, just like Premiere, they've opted not to use any shows from 1980 or 1981.

Re: at 40 flashback

Great news for those who have XM or are about to get it. AT40 shows from the 1970s and 1980s are coming back. Check out Rob Durkee's AT40 Fun and Games site for more information.

Unlike Flashback, these will be the entire show.

Re: at 40 flashback

Well, over a year later, has it happened?

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you :(