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American Top 40 HAC

A new show, designed to absorb the listeners who liked Rick Dees Hot AC after he left Premiere late last year, called American Top 40 HAC with Ryan Seacrest has been set up and I just wanted to know if anyone has heard the show. If so, please tell me what radio station you heard it on so that I can listen to it as well. Many radio stations broadcast over the net so maybe I can hear it that way.

I think I know why Premiere hasn't said much about this new show. This is only my assumption but I think they may want to keep it low key as not to take away listeners from American Top 20 HAC still hosted by Casey Kasem but only to keep the former listeners of Rick Dees Hot AC show with Premiere from listening to Rick Dees's Hot AC which is no longer a part of Premiere if it still exists.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.