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January 17th show

hey, this is a cool site, thanks for all your hard work!

I love at20, it's my favorite show. i love how they mix the old songs in with the new hits, it keeps it dfrom being the same show ever week.

So Ed mcman hosts this week, I like him I think he is a good guerst host for Casey.

I'm listening to the show as i post this, lol.

Jim Brikman re-enters at #20 with peace where the heart is. I like that song.

But I was shocked! at #18 I think, 3 doors down debuted! Aren't they a metal band? I didnt think at20 eve rplayed metal bands. But maybe somebody gave Ed the wrong chart, lol.

anyway, good show so far. I'll be there for you (the friends theme) is the first dedication.