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To Casey

Hi Casey My Name is Robert J Irving I'm a Listener from Canada I'm 41 on Dec 31 New yaers eve. I'm a Playin Artist and have been for some time. All my Career I've spent writing my own songs with the dream of having you spin one of my songs on your show.I'm not eighteen any more.........The pinical of my success to dateyou might ask? I've played three or four larg concerts by large I mean 40,000 people.But I think my largest success in the music Industry is a song I wrote for my Dad A Survivor of Cancer. I had the operatunaty to perform it at the World Auctioneers Associasion World Championships in Barrie Ontario. My Mother in Law Barb Richards Holds the Title of the Worlds Best Auctioneer. .After I finished playing my song I Recieved a standing Ovation from over a Thousand PEOPLE! That was Amazing!They then gave me a World Champion Medal because they didn't know what else to do! I had made 4 copys of the song and put them on Cd. I designed my own CD covcer and made a pritty package. The whole place was in tears because of this beautiful song. My Motherin law took them from me and put them up for Auction.And sold each copy for 375.00 Dollars. I gave all the money to the Royal Victoria Hospital to Help fund a Cancer Care Unit. Casey I'd like to give you a copy to Spin. Please Contact me
Robert J Irving