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Banning of AT40 trading

(Note: Original thread was accidentally deleted)

Premiere/Clear Channel has ordered that all trading of AT40 shows cease. No official explanation has been given, as far as I can determine.

I believe this is a mistake by the company. They are going after some of the fans that support the show enthusiastically. Going after your supporters is not necessarily a good business decision.

Perhaps the company feels that people are trading shows just to get the music, in the same spirit as illegal file sharing via Kazaa. However, it's not that simple. Of course the music is one reason for collecting the shows, but that's only a small part. Collectors enjoy the stories, features, jingles, dedications, and everything else that has made up AT40 throughout the past 30 years. Also, one can put on an AT40 show and travel back in time to his/her youth as part of the experience.

AT40 collectors do not sell the shows or rebroadcast them, so they are not hurting the Company's bottom line.

Just my $.02

Re: Banning of AT40 trading

I agree with you Ev. AT40 will loose lots of supporters. I have my reasons to doubt that Premiere is doing this alone however. Maybe RIAA and/or Billboard are putting pressure on Premiere since they probably think that this involves their revenues. I have read that Billboard is very jealous of those who post their charts on the Internet and their attorneys have forced several sites off with "cease and desist" letters. We know what RIAA is doing also against those into peer swaping.