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Signed Cover and Sleeve

Hello James - Rummaging thru 100's of LP albums I have had for many years, I found Fifth Angel on Epic label, release FE44201. Not remembering it, I immediately put it on my turntable. Yes, I was pleasantly pleased with what I heard, but more so with the fact that you had signed the cover and the sleeve. On the cover you signed: "Dan: Thank[sic] for all the candy! James Byrd". On the sleeve you signed: "To Dan: Nice working with you! James Byrd". Not knowing who Dan is/was, or having any remembrance of how or where I obtained this album, I started a web search about/for you. VERY interesting what I came to learn about you, your time with the group, and your guitar company. AWESOME instruments. Getting back on course here, what I want to know is do you have any recollection of this Dan person, and when/where you may have signed and given this album to Dan? Also, given that this album is in great shape, has been signed/autographed by you, would you want it? I would be very happy to give it to you. Congrats on your success and great ability.


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