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A James Byrd Cover


I recorded a cover for the song Adam. I used the original song audio with some eq to reduce the volume on the main guitar part. Recorded right and left guitars to give some stereo feel.

I know that the execution is miles away form the original, but i have a lot of fun "trying" to play this amazing song.

Re: A James Byrd Cover

Cool, nice to hear someone pay tribute to Byrd. From a performance standpoint I'd say work on your timing, intonation on bends and vibrato but otherwise a good first attempt and starting point.

Nice one


Re: A James Byrd Cover

Thanks Andy

I agree with you, Vibratos and Bends are technics that realy needed to be improved.

I would suggest that James record more videos demonstrating some of his work and put in his website or in Youtube, think it is a good way to people know better his inspiring work.

Son of a Man is a masterpiece.

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