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Equalization Tips

I have some doubts about guitar equalization. I have a basic sound that is ok, but I want to have it a little more agressive without sounding too bright.

What are the basic frequencies I have to cut or boost to have a tight distortion with my single coil guitar? I don´t like much gain or overly compressed sound.

Like I said, the basic sound with my digital equipment is ok, just need a few equalization adjustments.

Re: Equalization Tips

Hi Felipe

I can tell you know James does not use a EQ in his signal chain (guitar to amp) at all, the only times one may come into play is in a recording mix down, and then it will vary from track to track depending on how he wants the guitar to "sit" with the other instruments etc, sometimes it might not be used at all. There is not one EQ setting that will give you that instant Byrd sound, if there was I would have pummelled it out him by now! ;)

Really listen to Byrd's basic tonality, it does not change if you compare albums as single entities, what makes the biggest change from album to album are things that have changed from album to album e.g. microphones used, mic preamps used, mixing consoles and finally mic positions which is the single biggest factor in getting the right EQ.

But if you do want to persist with your EQ then the best bit of advice I can give you, is play with each frequency and listen. Take each eq one at a time from his lowest to its highest setting to really get a feel for what it does and hopefully it will become quite apparent from this what frequency you need to bump or reduce (if indeed that frequency is in your adjustable eq range). If Byrd was to say “pull down 800k -3db” then there is no guarantee that would sound anything like if he did that on his equipment because we don't know what else is working with your signal there at home. Believe me having sat in Strange Particle Productions (Byrd's studio) and played with various things what works for him, didn't work for me.

So at the end of this long post, the best advice is play with what you have until you find something YOU like and that sounds good to YOU. Ultimately you need to please yourself and like what you are hearing rather than what someone else has told you, and by playing with those eq's yourself rather than looking for the "magic answer" you will learn a lot more about what your gear does and its limitations.

I suspect this is not the “magic answer” you were looking for, but really it’s the best and most honest answer you will find.

Andy - webmaster

Re: Re: Equalization Tips

Thanks Andy

I understand what you said. In fact I have experimented a lot of things and even the picks used can change the tone quite a bit.

Re: Re: Re: Equalization Tips

Everything is relative, even your lead will affect the sound.

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