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Strings on your Super Avianti

I was just wondering what gauge/brand of stings you guys use on your Super Aviantis?

I have been using Boomer 10s till th eother day, I put on some DR pure blues, and I gotta say it's sounding pretty sweet. I'd say it sounds a bit more 'refined' than the Boomers.

Re: Strings on your Super Avianti

From the "Ask Byrd" archives...

For years now, I have endorsed GHS strings. I use GHS Boomers, and the gauges are custom sets, put together for me by them.

The gauges are: 050, 038, 028, 016, 011, 009.

I arrived at these gauges because I need a tight rhythm sound, and using heavy strings on the bottom enables me to play aggressively and fast without having the strings flopping around under a very heavy pick.

Re: Re: Strings on your Super Avianti

Yeah, I remember talking to Byrd about strings, I remember him saying that he's been endorsed and has been using GHS Boomers for many years. Personally I think different brand strings actually do sound different ... I know "someone" disagrees with that assertion, but I still hear a difference.

Boomers are great on the Avianti, but I discovered that DR Pure Blues still get the big,thick lows of the Boomers but the highs are warmer and not as 'wild'. I think they both sound and feel excellent, just slightly different.

I was just wondering which strings Super Avianti Owners / players use, do you use Boomers, Andy?

Re: Re: Re: Strings on your Super Avianti

Nope, I tend to use Fender pure nickel 150s or Ernie Ball's if I can't get the Fenders.

Andy - webmaster

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strings on your Super Avianti

I use 9-42 Ernie Ball super slinky's on mine, as I do on all my guitars. I heard the Fender pure nickel give a somewhat darker/fuller sound, so I might check them out one day.

BTW, I love my SA, keep your heads up for a review!

Frank, proud SA owner!!!

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