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Tone Pots connected or disconnected?


The tone pots of my strat are disconnected (HS-3 bridge and YJM neck) but I am finding the sound a litle harsh in the bridge pickup.

I am not interested in the moment to change de bridge pickup and learned at your website that the problem could be solved (or minimized) with a 250K tone pot.

I don´t intend to connect the tone pot for the neck pickup, like it that way, but if I connect a 250k tone pot for the bridge pickup the overall volume of the pickup will be severed affected?

I dont want to have the guitar unbalanced.

Thank You

Re: Tone Pots connected or disconnected?

I recommend that you put the 250k pot on the bridge. It won't effect the overall output noticibly, but it will tame the harshness.

As for "Tube screamer settings", what does it matter unless you have EXACTLY the same amp, guitar, cabinet, speakers, microphone, and everything else. It doesn't. Just use your ears.


Re: Re: Tone Pots connected or disconnected?

Ok. Thank´s for the tips.

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