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Fifth Angel Reunion?

Any chance? That would be awesome!!

Btw, I just recently acquired both Fifth Angel cd's. By far one of the most underrated bands of all time. And I thought your cover of "Lights Out" was simply amazing!!

Take care!

Re: Fifth Angel Reunion?

Hi Adam,
Read some of the archived interviews here at and decide for yourself if there will ever be a FA reunion, should be quite easy to figure out the answer.

Byrd was only a member of Fifth Angel for the bands classic debut album. If you enjoy this style of songwriting be sure to check out the first James Byrd's Atlantis Rising album.

Webmaster -

Re: Re: Fifth Angel Reunion?

Awesome record by the way

Re: Re: Fifth Angel Reunion?

Ok I'll do that!

And yeah, for the longest time I thought he was on the second FA album...still love it though!

Re: Fifth Angel Reunion?

Did Byrd play on 'Time Will Tell'?

That was a project with UNLIMITED potential ...

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