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Marshall Settings

Hi James

I am testing a sofware plugin called Amplitube Jimi Hendrix that found quite amazing. It am using a Marshall Super Lead with 4x12 75C Cabinet, and Shure SM57 mic and some reverb (all software simulation).

The preliminar results are, for me, superb. I have never listen something so close with the real deal and for me, that plays only in the apartment, becoming impossible to play with a real Tube Amp crancked, was heaven.

I also use a analog hand made overdrive (quite similar to Tube Screamer)to boost the signal and get a heavier and sustained tone, but not extreme compressed and without dynamics. By the way the response of the software to the playing is awesome. I can get a clean tone just controling the volume of the guitar and bypassing the overdrive.

But I have some doubts. What are your amp settings nowadays, not just the tone controls, but also, volume I and II? And how I can get it a little more tight like early Uli´s tone?

My guitar is a Strat with HS-3 pickups and I can get a very smooth tone, very similar to yours in Crime of Virtuosity.

Thank You

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