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I've always wanted to contact you!

Hey James,
I've been a fan since I bought the original Fifth Angel tape (bright white, Schrapnel) back in 1986-8 as soon as it was released. The original album. I've still got it! My all time favorite album of all time actually.

I'm a huge fan. There's something about the songs melody, edge, chorus, and vocals that hits it perfect for me. I'd always wished I had the ability to create my own songs like you guys do but have never been able to do it yet.

In fact, your original album is only among a few that rank #1 with me.

In case you're curious:
Fifth Angel - First album. #1!
Warrior - First album, no title.
Metal Church - First album, no title ~ Gods of Wrath
Crimson Glory - Transcendence
Obsession - First album
Rough Cutt - First album
Helloween - Keepers. Great vocalist here too.
Greatwhite - First album. great vocalist/guitar
White Lion - First album. great vocalist/great guitarist
Savatage - Sirens, Power of the night. Great guitarist, producer.

And only a few others that combine melody, chorus guitars, edgy vocals, and incredibly moving guitar lead.

It seems the combination of edgy power vocalist with melodic chorused lead is a powerful combination for me.

I find the first albums are always the most pure, raw and full example of a band's true message...

I guess I'm very, very picky and I wanted to give you the kudos I've been waiting to do so for so many years now. Going on 19 years I guess...

Also, I'll be forever saddened that Fifth Angel is not creating more masterpieces like the first album. Those of us without the ability naturally can never do so most likely, so its sad when you guys don't continue on creating works of art like these. I guess I'll have to try though on my own by continuing to learn guitar/vocal. Hopefully you can at least fulfill a long time dream I've always had of contacting Ted and yourself who both brought the edge, power, and emotion to songs that seem to come from and match my own soul. It's like they were written by me if I had written them. My ultimate ideal.

I'm even very much into the spiritual aspects you surround the songs with. Even to the point of my concern for the world's direction and happenings occurring right now and soon to play out over the next 5 years. Revelation seems right on que. Walking the walk is what matters now and is what I and all of us need to be focused on...

Anyway James, thank you so much for what you have brought to me in fulfillment via that first Fifth Angel album via your talent and what you put into those songs. They're the penultimate of what I resonate with.

It would be incredible if you guys got back together to record a studio album of new hits at least. Combining Ted's voice with your guitar magic once more before end times would be a gift to all.

God Bless.
Dave Marcotte
Okinawa Japan

PS Is the Fifth Angel first album music available in sheet music, and do you offer a guitar course? I'll be the first to sign up! :)

And now that I know you have additional albums I'll check them out.

Lastly, I thought I remember Ted Pilot selling a vocal course in the magazines back in the day. Is my memory correct? If so, do you know how I can get a copy of that and possibly talk with Ted about vocal training?

Thanks again James.
Talk Soon!

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Re: I've always wanted to contact you!

I'm not James, I just wanted to say that it's great to see that there are actually other people that remembers Rough Cutt :)

Re: I've always wanted to contact you!

Hi Dave

These are some really nice sentiments and it means a lot to me to know that from my little corner of the universe, I wa actually able to bring some positive life memories to some people through music.

I get rather a lot of email, but some of them are like this one, in the sense that a particular album I've made was important to someone at some point in their life. It's very gratifying.

"Fifth Angel" came so close to making it off the ground Dave, but try to understand this from a different perspective; different people sometimes have different priorities in their lives. Only two members of the original line-up are still pursuing music professionally. What this all comes down to is choices and values. Bands are like marriages; most of them, the VAST majority of them end in a divorce of some kind. The Fifth Angel situation was an especially un-pleasent parting of the ways. I am continuously asked about a reunion, and my answer has always been, and always will be the same; I won't be part of one. I won't be part of one because #1, I believe in the axiom "you can never go home". Oh sure, it'd be simple enough to diussect the formula as it once existed. But that's not my priority. Just as someone "moves on" post divorce, so too did I, and rather immediately you might note. The second portion of this involves the notion that if someone throws enough money my way, my thinking might change. I would truly hope not. I would not like me were money or press the measure of why I made art.

So again, I truly appreciate your enthusiasim, and also the email you sent addressing alleged injustices. Your heart was in the right place, but this is now, and I have no more interest in attempting to drege up the corpse of an old band than anyone else would have in reuniting with an ex-spouse who they went through hell with.

I am moving forward Dave, and have been since 1989. My music has evolved, changed, mutated, and that's exactly WHY I play music. At the end of the day, even if all the back-stabbing greed based bull**** hadn't happened in Fifth Angel, the band would have evolved and eventually come to it's natural end because creative people tend to feel easily boxed in by expectations. I know I do.

Anyway, I felt your two emails plus this message deserved a full reply and sincere thank you.

God blass you too, -Byrd

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