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Ts-9 x DOD 250

Hi James

What do you think are the major difference betwen the Ibanez TS-9 and the DOD 250?


Re: Ts-9 x DOD 250

The TS9 is quieter, and has a more metallic upper mid-range edge. The OD 250 is sweeter and noisier. I've used both and prefere the 250.

Re: Re: Ts-9 x DOD 250

How do you get rid of the noise from the DOD 250? A noise supressor?

I really like your guitar tone but still have some doubt if I prefered it from the TS-9 era (crimes of virtuosity) or more recent work.

By the way, amazing video (Avianti Etudes). I have shown to some friens here in Brazil and they liked a lot.


Re: Re: Re: Ts-9 x DOD 250

Which box I was using then, and now, are minor differences compared to how the recordings were produced. Crimes of Virtuosity was recorded on 2 inch analog tape. You just still beat it for warmth and "depth", I don't care how much you spend on digital trying.

I use a noise gate. Noise suppressors usually change the sound in a bad way by trying to cancel certain frequencies. The noise of the dod250 box is actually a side-effect of the unit having a better frequency response.

Like most players, I am always trying to improve my sound. Getting that sound onto tape is another matter, given the current paradigm (digital) and what really sounds best (analog tape). Sometimes the old technology can't be improved on, or even equalled. Analog RULES.

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