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This forum is for the discussion of James Byrd and any other topics that come into your mind.

New questions directed to Byrd may upon occassion be selected for placement on the "Ask Byrd" section of the website if we find them of general interest to fans".

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Byrd guitar questions

Hi James, I am planning to invest in one of your guitars in the first half of 2008. However, I have two questions:

1. A year or so ago, I got an unfinished birdseye maple neck on another guitar, and I got really hooked on the unfinished feel. Do you think you could make a Super Avanti with a highly figured birdseye maple neck?

2. If I buy an installment kit for a Roland guitar synth pickup, can you put it in my Super Avanti? This would require some reworking on the pickguard, as well as an extra jack located somewhere. Is this possible for you to do, if I supply you with the kit?

Best regards,
Halvor Hosar

Re: Byrd guitar questions

I'm emailing you now. -B

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