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This forum is for the discussion of James Byrd and any other topics that come into your mind.

New questions directed to Byrd may upon occassion be selected for placement on the "Ask Byrd" section of the website if we find them of general interest to fans".

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Happy thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

Happy thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

David, Frank, happy thanksgiving to you both.

Andy; Thank you for the superb job you do with this site. People of your caliber and quality ethic are rare, and I appreciate your friendship and commitment here.

If for nothing else today, be thankful to be alive. Life is short. Too short. Death is increasingly seeming to have become a projection into global murder in my name as an American. I am sickened beyond any and all words by it all, but today I give thanks as simply a citizen of the world, a spiritual existence on the internet, and for friends, family, and business and artistic supporters.

I leave you today with the biggest understatement I have, or will ever make in my life: George W. Bush SUCKS. This entire government, all of it, both parties, SUCKS ASS.


God bless you all,


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