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Avianti Etudes

Bravo!!, Bravo!!

I love this little gem - not only musically is this piece awesome, but it creates a kind of 'tension' 'cause James is doing so many things w/the Avanti and using such a broad range of sound that you don't know where he's going to go next in the performance. Thanks for providing this Andy!

James, were starving for more Byrd! :) Any future releases coming?


Re: Avianti Etudes

Totally agree with you Dave!! Both an amazing piece of music as well as an equally amazing display of what a Super Avianti is capable of!! I can´t wait to lay my hands on mine!

Oh, and we need more Byrd!!!!

Re: Avianti Etudes

Thank you David:) Happy Turkey Day.


Re: Re: Avianti Etudes

Greetings Frank and thank you. Believe me, I have poured love into it as I do with each and every one, and it will be utterly unique. I think we came up with a beautiful vision together here. Sometimes problems become blessings if you let them. This time (with the snakeswood snafu) , they clearly did. Wait until you see the freaking walnuted, laquered, AAA bird's eye maple fingerboard. It will NOT be the last like it. The next one is going to be for me personally.

God bless -B

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