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Disconecting tone pot

Hi James

I have a YJM(neck) and a HS-3 (Bridge) in my Fender and decided to disconect the tone pots. I really like the results, especially for the YJM in the neck.

After listening some of your great music and reading your website I became very curious about the Virtual Vintage 54B, but change a pickup in your only guitar is not the most easy thing to decide...

My question is with the tone pots disconected, that increase output and the high frequencies, my actual pickups are sounding, more or less, in the same way that the virtal vintage 54b with the tone pots connected???

By the way i will love to see you in action, even on youtube.

Thank You
The Guy from Brasil

Re: Disconecting tone pot

The HS3 won't sound like a 54 even with the tone pot disconnected. They're completely different designs and materials.


Re: Re: Disconecting tone pot


By the way in Dimarzio website there is only a Virtual Vintage 54 Pro, replacing the Virtual Vintage 54.

I wonder if it is the same pickup and could be used in bridge and neck position.

Do you have plans to do some video demonstration of your equipment and playing technique? It think it would be a good idea to put in yor website.


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