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Just saying hi bro

Hey byrd,
dude, I've been outta town since like mid March ... but I'm back home (well not in the same pad, I was at but ...) for good. I went all the way from L.A into Oregon and through Washington to the port town of Bellingham, it was lonely but reeeaaaallly beautiful.

Anyway bro, the first site I went to today was your's, I'm gonna read through your latest news and happenings, and read all these posts to catch up on what I've missed all these months.

I'm gonna get Stefania out of storage today, I cannot wait to see, hear and feel her sexy, beautiful voice and curves God, I've missed her terribly. (I took my Strat with me, but I didn't want to risk taking Stef.)

I lost your email bro, so if you get a chance can you shoot me an email so I can get it again, thanks!

love ya bro,

Re: Just saying hi bro

Hi Ara

Nice to hear from you. You can email me through the website by clicking the email botton.

Cheers -B

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