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effect chain

helo sir jameS, im jhunac from philippines.. i have a problem regarding my effects chain, i have a zak wylde overdrive, dime distortion,digitech whamy, an BOS EQ a delay , phaser and a CFH cry baby.. but i have difficulty in the arrangements of the effects which comes first and last. would you help me plz settle this?..also regarding the placement of wah and a distortion..? PLZ GIVE ME BETTER IDEA.. STARTING FROM A GUITAR WHICH EFFECT SHOULD COME FIRST..?TNX GUD DAY!

Re: effect chain

You always want devices which boost gain (like distortion) to be placed in front of devices which alter time, or EQ's.

Your effects chain should run as follows:

1. Guitar to distortion box.

2. Distortion box to wah (because most wah pedals also increase gain, but not as much as distortion units).

3. EQ. This really depends. Are you using it to actually boost a frequency? Or are you using it to cut a frequency. Depending on what the out put is, it may be better to place this at #2, and the wah at #3.

A universal method that's correct:

Distortion box ALWAYS first, and place any kind of delay or reverb either in an effects loop, or better yet, give it a seperate amplifier or amplifiers. You never want to distort delay or reverb from the original sound post-distortion. The only way to insure the best quality of time based effects, is to completely seperate their amplification. This should be done using a "line out" from the amplifier which is POST output tube if output distortion is part of your tone.

A universal principle which is correct:

Highest gain devices always go in fron of lower gain devices, and the lowest gain device should be last. Otherwise you're amplifying a bunch of noise.

I hope that wasn't too much information, but others read these things and I get this question a lot.

Good luck!


P.S. jhunac

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