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Dimarzio Heavy Blues 2

James, I've mailed DiMarzio asking for a pickup quite similar to the HS-3 but with a bit more louder and they replied: "The Heavy Blues 2 (DP409) has an overall sound that is fairly similar to that of
the HS-3. It also has more power and less magnet-pull, which usually translates
to better sustain."

Did you tried it? Is it true? I've tried the 54'Neck in the Bridge position and it was muddy for rhythm and too trebly for soloing.

Thanx very much!

Re: Dimarzio Heavy Blues 2

How anyone could possibly get a "muddy" tone from the DiMarzio V54 is completely beyond me. First you say it's "too trebly for lead" and then "too muddy for rhythm". Based on this, I'm going to GUESS here, that you think the neck pickup is for rhythm, and the bridge pickup is for "lead", on a three-pickup single coil strat type pickup aray. If so, well, you're believing something that was prevalent when music was COMPLETELY different, ("Surf" music and the like) and the egg-heads at guitar companies arbitraily decided that the neck pickup was for rhythm, and the bridge pickup was for lead. It's absolutely BACKWARDS and has been for decades now. I play 75% of my solos on the neck pickup, and ALL of my crunch "rhythm" parts on the bridge pickup.

The only other possibility, is that you're using a value of tone and volume resistence that's wrong for the pickup (IE 250 K pots when DiMarzio actually recommends 500 or even 1k pot values. Personally, with the v54, and v54B, I run a 1k value on the neck tone, and a 250 on the bridge pickup. It makes the neck pickup cut like a glass knife, and the bridge pickup sound fat and creamy. There, I just gave away one of many "secrets" I incorporate into my guitars.

I've tried the "Heavy blues" and personally, I don't really care for it. But then I think the V54 sounds much, much better than the old HS3. But there's a lot more to it than just changing the pickups.

Try some different pots, and switching your pickup use habit 180 degrees before you decide the pickup isn't right.

Best to You - Byrd

Re: Re: Dimarzio Heavy Blues 2

Hi James, I use the Bridge pickup strictly for rhythms (Except for some blues and rock and roll stuff)

but I use both pickups for solos. It depends of the phrase and tone I'm after. For a "knife cutted" tone, I use the bridge one, and the neck one for the warm, creamy and organic tone.

Can I show you a video? The guitarrist says his guitars have HS-3 in the bridge but now his tone is fatter, maybe muddier.

I don't like that tone, but the sustain he has is great!

I use a Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ head and a Marshall 1960BX with an MXR 104 from 1978.

He uses Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head with 300w celestions speakers loaded cabs and Tubescreamer Ts-808 or Proco Rat (there he has both ones)

Re: Re: Dimarzio Heavy Blues 2

I couldn't post the link in the message so I post it as the name.

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