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Dsl 50

Hello James!!!! I´m from argentina and i love your music and your guitar sound,I´m a big fan of Yngwie and Joe Stump too I´m thinking of bying a Marshall Dsl 50 head and a 1960/b(cause I read that has more bass than the 1960a) cabinet but in the store they told me that this cabinet or the 1960a are not for this head only for the Dsl 100 and I´m very confused about this, can you help me???? Thanks.

Re: Dsl 50

Well, to be blunt, the store might be full of crap. You can certainly use a model 1960 cabinet with virtually any Marshall tube amp. Now, I am not up on new amps because I am a vintage kind of guy. If the Marshall amp in question is NOT all tube, then there might be an impeadence mis-match. THAT would be a problem. The 1960 cabinets are 16 ohms. They can be re-wired to 8 ohms. They can also be split into two pairs of 4 ohms each, efeectively becoming two pairs in one cabinet. Between all of these options, you SHOULD be able to run the 1960 cab (with wiring modification) with pretty much anything you want.

That said, I've gotta throw in my two-cents here and tell you that -personally- I really hate the speakers used in the 1960 models (25 watt "green backs"). Some guys love them. I do not. I find that they break up in a very un-pleasent "farty" way on the bottom end. The Celestion Vintage 30 is a decent sounding speaker though.

Best of luck to you, (and sorry but I can't tell you how to re-wire your cabinet. That's what amp techs are for:) ). -Byrd

Re: Re: Dsl 50

Thanks for your help, yes the Dsl 50 is a tube head and the speakers are Celestion G1275T. Thank again and the best of luck to you too.(sorry for my poor english)

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