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Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have listened to a lot of metal bands...but when i listened to fifth angel for the first time i was shocked!!it was amazing!!the solos in each song was AMAZING!!so,if anyone knows,how can i produce(or to be close enough) the sound of james byrd???the solos sound incredible!fantastic!what effects should i use?how to set my amplifier? Warning:I want the sound of james byrds playing in the fifth angel first album,not the sound of other projects of james byrd...PLEASE HELP ME!

Re: Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fifth Angel
Studio: Marshall 2204 Head (50 watt master volume) stock c.1975, Marshall 4x12" cabinet loaded with Celestion 75w speakers.

Gibson Flying V
This guitar dates from 1973 and was used exclusively on 'Fifth Angel'. It is equipped with a Kahler locking tremolo and DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups. The neck is scalloped.

A Furman PQ-3 Parametric EQ was also used in places to replicate the sound of a half cocked' wah pedal.

Hope this helps,
Andy - webmaster

Re: Re: Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually mate, the pickups were not Super Distortions. They were PAF. The guitar in question has a Bartolini pre-amp in it, and I used a variac with the 50 watt Marshall with the voltage turned down to 90 volts. Tubes were Telefunkin EL34, and the mic was an SM 57. One Marshall model 1982A cabinet was used. Effects at the mixing desk were chorus, and plate reverb. The PQ3 was actually not used -that was used on the first Atlantis Rising album-. Instead, a little Ibanez three band graphic with sweepable parametric mid EQ foot pedal was used for the "fixed wah" tone.


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