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Byrd's Classical influences?

Hey Byrd what Classical stuff do you listen to or have been influenced by, we know your Rock influences but what about Classical?
I don't think it's been covered in any interviews, at least ones that I've read ...


Re: Byrd's Classical influences?

I'd say Mozart and Debussy would be my two favorites. But 99% of the time, I just listen to my local FM classical music station. Oh and of course Paganini is important. In addition to his infamous 24 caprices, his concertos are amazing.

Re: Re: Byrd's Classical influences?

Yeah, your music just flows with melodies, so I can hear the Mozart element. The Paganini influence is also obvious. He made the violin sound so raw sometimes - like a (modern day) guitar, his tone is unmistakable. His 24 Caprices is almost unreal, I also have his Violin Concerto (Perlman), which he displays his romantic side, and proves that he wasn't just a showman, but a true composer.
If I'm not mistaken he was a madman ... I think I read somewhere that he had sex with Napolean's sister

I too, listen to Classical stations in the car, I can't bear to listen to the "Rock" stations.

I've only been listening to Classical for a couple years. I haven't yet gotten around to listening to them all yet - just trying ot grasp one composer's style and music takes soooo long.
So far, I can't get enough of Beethoven. I've only scratched the surface with Mozart, and Debussy - the only thing I have of his is; Nocturnes, La Mer, Jeux (on one cd).


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