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Byrd's picks

Hey Byrd,

I keep forgetting to ask you ...
what kind of picks do you use?

I used to use teh Dunlop Jazz 3 a few years ago but then I changed to the Gibson Jazz (the teardrop shape) heavy (but the "heavy" is more like a 'medium' compared to the Dunlop).
I've gone back to the Dunlop because it jusr KILLS for high gain soloing and riffing. The Gibson is a bit smaller & thinner sounding, to my ears.

Also, dude is there any live stuff of yours out there, dvd's, cd's, and such?


Re: Byrd's picks

Hi Ara

I use Dunlop sharps, 1.5 MM. I bought a gross of them back in the 90's, and just a couple of weeks ago, I had to special order them through Guitar Center because neither they, nor anywhere else I looked, carries them anymore. Prior to that, I used Dunlop 1.5 MM tortex, and would hand sharpen them. I like a standard sized, very inflexible pick, with a very sharp point. I tried the Dunlop jazz once but I can't play metal rhythm guitar parts well with those little Jazz picks.

Cheers -B

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